We’re back. We’re finally back. It took two years after the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out the 2020 NCAA Tournament, but right or wrong, we’re getting a tournament this year, with all 68 teams descending towards Indianapolis to duke it out for the National Championship. And if there’s an NCAA Tournament, that means there are idiots like myself out there sounding like experts despite hardly watching some of these teams play, oftentimes outperforming those who actually do watch all these teams play and getting almost everything horribly wrong. This year is no exception! We know nothing! So with that being said, let’s fill out some brackets and find out how wrong we are!



1 Gonzaga vs 16 Norfolk State / Appalachian State: Congrats to the winner of this 16 seed play-in game; you earn the right to get smacked by Gonzaga. Have fun!

8 Oklahoma vs 9 Missouri: Maybe this is just from seeing Missouri play my Arkansas squad tough three times this season, but Missouri is tough, and guard Xavier Pinson delivers frequently in big spots. Missouri is not a great shooting team (32% from 3 this season), but I think Missouri’s size will get the job done for them in this one.

5 Creighton vs 12 UC-Santa Barbara: Have I watched the mighty Gauchos play once this season. Absolutely not! But I have seen Creighton play up-and-down this year, who have wins over Villanova and UConn (twice) but also losses to Georgetown, Marquette, Butler, and Providence. The Gauchos nearly match Creighton in stats such as 3-point percentage, fast break points per game and true shooting percentage, and post higher offensive and defensive ratings. Seems to me UCSB matches up well and can play Creighton’s game. Let’s go with the upset here! Sure, why not!

4 Virginia vs 13 Ohio: Now, I’ve only watched a whopping 40 minutes of Ohio basketball, but I do know this: Jason Preston is an NBA prospect with creative passing instincts and an ability to create his own shot. He and Ohio like to run and throw the ball ahead in transition, averaging 9.2 transition points per game. You’ll need both of those against Virginia’s tough defense. You know Virginia is not an explosive offensive team, meaning teams can hang around against them. If it is tight, and I’m expecting it will, I’m betting on Preston to seal the deal. We saw what he’s capable of earlier this year when he dropped 31-8-6 on the road against 1 seeded Illinois. I think he can do that again against the Cavs, who also had to drop out of the ACC Tournament with COVID issues. I’m already feeling quite frisky with this bracket. We’re rolling with the Bobcats!

6 USC vs 11 Wichita State / Drake: Regardless of who wins this First Four matchup, it’ll be scary hours for whoever advances. Evan Mobley is a freak of nature who will be a top 3 pick not too long from now. He’ll get them past this round.

3 Kansas vs 14 Eastern Washington: I’m sorry, but I got nothing on Eastern Washington. Let’s go with the Jayhawks on this one.

7 Oregon vs 10 VCU: VCU likes to up the tempo with their havoc defense. They’ve got a guard in Bones Hyland who is capable of igniting on the spot to lead to a potential upset. However, Oregon averages just 11 turnovers and has experience all across their backcourt. I like them to slow the game down and get by the Rams.

2 Iowa vs 15 Grand Canyon: I can see Grand Canyon making this a tough matchup with two seven-footers to at least stand a chance at guarding All-American Luka Garza, but I still trust Iowa to take this one.


1 Baylor vs 16 Hartford: Sorry, Hartford. Baylor’s got this.

8 North Carolina vs 9 Wisconsin: Wisconsin plays three players 6’9” or taller, yet none of them average more than six rebounds per game. North Carolina has three players (Garrison Brooks, Armando Bacot, Day’Ron Sharpe) in their frontcourt *above* that mark. UNC’s rebound margin this season is +11.2; Wisconsin’s is -1.8. UNC averages nearly double the number of second-chance points as Wisconsin does this year. I think you guys are catching my drift here. I think their frontcourt can plow Wisconsin’s and the athleticism of Caleb Love, Leaky Black, and others in that backcourt can switch and handle Wisconsin’s movement offense. I’m taking the Tar Heels.

5 Villanova vs 12 Winthrop: Similar to the Virginia-Ohio matchup, Winthrop likes to push the pace to try and score before a tough Villanova defense gets settled. Without Collin Gillespie for Nova, I think Winthrop can dictate the tempo of that game. I’ve only seen Winthrop in their conference title game, therefore making me an expert on such matters. Another 5-12 upset! Let’s go!

4 Purdue vs 13 North Texas: I’ve never seen North Texas play, but apparently they, like Purdue, don’t play all that fast and like to grind out games. Sure! That bodes well for the under in this matchup, but that is for another type of degenerate (I say that respectfully to my gambling friends). Ultimately, Trevion Williams will be too much for North Texas to handle, in my opinion. Purdue moves on in an ugly, low-scoring game.

6 Texas Tech vs 11 Utah State: Utah State gave us one of the few thrilling March Madness moments a year ago. Most of everyone on that roster returned this year outside of Sam Merrill, who got drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks with the last pick of the 2020 NBA Draft. Utah State has the size advantage here (+10.2 rebound margin this year; Texas Tech is only +2.7). With boasting strong defensive ratings (85.4 points per 100 possessions for TTU; 81.6 for Utah State), I like Utah State’s size making the difference here, led by Neemias Queta, a Portuguese big who has drawn some NBA interest. I think Utah State ekes this thing out.

3 Arkansas vs 14 Colgate: How the hell am I supposed to evaluate Colgate when they’ve played five teams all season long? What? Yes, they’re in the top 10 of the committee’s NET rankings, making them an upset darling, but I don’t see them beating a balanced Arkansas squad. Arkansas has shown they can win ugly or put points on the board, which they likely will have to do against Colgate. Both teams boast offensive ratings of above 100 points per 100 possessions, meaning this one will go back and forth (take the over!). I’m a Fayetteville native who went to the University of Arkansas, so there’s no chance in hell I’m picking the best Hogs team I’ve seen in my entire life to lose to bleeping Colgate. With all due respect to Colgate, a worthy foe for sure, the Muss Bus rolls along. Yeah, I’m biased. So what? Woo Pig!

7 Florida vs 10 Virginia Tech: You know how I said Arkansas and Colgate will go back and forth? I don’t think this one will follow suit. Florida has Tre Mann, but little else in the scoring department. Let’s roll with the Hokies in a rock fight.

2 Ohio State vs 15 Oral Roberts: Oral Roberts’ mascot is the Golden Eagles. See, you actually learn things by reading this article every year! Ohio State wins.


1 Illinois vs 16 Drexel: If you’re picking via mascots, it’s super hard to go against the Dragons. But who has time for such shenanigans? Illinois by a lot.

8 Loyola Chicago vs 9 Georgia Tech: Here’s a drinking game: take a sip any time Sister Jean is mentioned or shown on the screen. You know it’s going to happen again. Actually, don’t: I care for your well-being. Oh wait, there’s a basketball game here. Georgia Tech plays a lot of zone, but I expect Loyola big man Cameron Krutwig to slice that apart at the free-throw line. Krutwig is a great passer who isn’t surrounded by Stormtroopers either: four of Loyola’s top five scorers shoot at least 35% from deep, two of which are at 40% or above. That’s ripe to take advantage of a zone defense. We’re rolling with Loyola.

5 Tennessee vs 12 Oregon State: Oregon State had to earn their spot into the dance by winning the Pac 12 tournament, but I don’t think they’ve got enough offensive firepower to get by a tough Tennessee defense (84.2 defensive rating) led by Yves Pons and Keon Johnson. The Vols get by this one.

4 Oklahoma State vs 13 Liberty: I love Cade Cunningham. A lot. You’ll see soon enough. Cowboys win.

6 San Diego State vs 11 Syracuse: It’s a certainty every year that Syracuse somehow finds a way to sneak into the tournament without the most stellar of resumes and end up knocking off the favorite they go up against. Well, Syracuse snuck into the tournament and gets a San Diego State team, though, with a good amount of shooting to go up against Syracuse’s zone, they’ve only beaten two tournament teams (UCLA and Utah State, who they lost to twice beforehand). Buddy Boeheim has taken a step forward for Syracuse, and I believe the Orange match up well on paper and through the numbers. If they’re in the tournament, they might as well win a game, because it seems like they always do. I think they do.

3 West Virginia vs 14 Morehead State: West Virginia has typically been a team my brackets have neglected due to sputtering offenses over the years, but this year’s team features more scoring than teams of years prior. With four perimeter players shooting above 36.6% from three and a monster down low in Derek Culver, I like the Mountaineers here as the 3 seed, but that hasn’t stopped them from losing in this spot before. Morehead State can make this tough, but I’m taking West Virginia.

7 Clemson vs 10 Rutgers: Clemson just lost to Miami in the ACC Tournament. While I’m a fan of Tiger big man Aamir Simms, who leads the team in points, rebounds, assists, and blocks per game, I don’t think he can win this by himself. Both of these are tough defensive teams, so I’m going to trust Rutgers’ backcourt in Ron Harper Jr., Jacob Young, and Geo Baker to seal this deal. Rutgers beating Clemson would go about as well as Captain America attempting to fight Thanos at the end of ‘Infinity War’, but anything is possible on the hardwood. Go Scarlet Knights!

2 Houston vs 15 Cleveland State: The Cleveland *Cavaliers* would beat Houston. I’m not so sure the Cleveland State Vikings will follow suit. I like the Cougars to advance.


1 Michigan vs 16 Mount Saint Mary’s / Texas Southern: Michigan will miss Isaiah Livers, who was announced to miss all of this tournament run with a foot injury. They won’t miss him here, though. Wolverines win.

8 LSU vs 9 St. Bonaventure: LSU is one of the best offensive teams in the tournament, ranking 5th in Kenpom’s adjusted offensive efficiency. Star freshman Cam Thomas will make his way to the association soon, and perhaps Trendon Watford will as well. I don’t think the Bonnies have enough firepower to keep up. LSU takes this one.

5 Colorado vs 12 Georgetown: Basically everything I said about Oregon State applies to Georgetown as well. I love that Patrick Ewing has gotten the Hoyas back in the dance, but I think McKinley Wright IV will be too much. I like Colorado here.

4 Florida State vs 13 UNC-Greensboro: Every year, Florida State is long, athletic and deep. This year is no exception, with perhaps even more shooting than normal (39% from three as a team). I think they swarm Greensboro and move on to the next round.

6 BYU vs 11 Michigan State / UCLA: First we have to see who wins the play-in game, but I like either to advance to the next round. Purdue transfer Matt Haarms creates hysteria for opposing offenses, but can BYU keep up? They gave Gonzaga a scare in the first half of the WCC Title Game, but ultimately got enveloped by that machine. Neither Michigan State nor UCLA is anywhere close to that caliber, but they are tougher opposition than BYU has dealt with for most of this season. Whoever is the 11 seed is who I’m riding with.

3 Texas vs 14 Abilene Christian: Have I seen Abilene Christian play? Nope! Am I picking them to win? Also nope. Texas advances.

7 UConn vs 10 Maryland: Star guard James Bouknight has played in just 14 games for the Huskies this season. In the games Bouknight has been available, only three have fallen by the wayside for UConn. Bouknight is absolutely capable of setting his own raucous run in the tournament for the Huskies the way Kemba Walker did 10 years ago (has it really been that long? Geez!) and Shabazz Napier did not too long later. Bouknight is going to be in the league in the not too distant future; get ready to remember his name. We’re going with UConn.

2 Alabama vs 15 Iona: While it might have felt like 500 years since we’ve seen the NCAA Tournament, that’s nothing for (Count) Rick Pitino. Five universities now have embarked on this journey of a tournament with Pitino in charge, though this run will fall short. I just hope Alabama wears masks over both their face and their neck because both are now exposed in the vicinity of Pitino in the midst of a pandemic. Can’t be too cautious.


1 Gonzaga vs 9 Missouri: Xavier Pinson and Jeremiah Tillmon are tough players for the Tigers. Unfortunately for them, so are Jalen Suggs, Corey Kispert, Drew Timme, and just about everyone in Gonzaga’s rotation. I think Gonzaga makes life hell for the Tigers’ stars and advances to the Sweet 16.

12 UC-Santa Barbara vs 13 Ohio: A double-digit forced into the Sweet 16. Spicy! Just how we like it. However, I still can’t give you much in terms of analysis with these two teams. That is unless you want me to bullshit cookie-cutter analysis. I *could* do that… Nah. But what I will do is continue to ride Jason Preston to the moon. If he can do it against Virginia, I’m willing to bet he can lead his team to victory against the Gauchos as well. Ohio! This is for you!

3 Kansas vs 6 USC: USC Head Coach Andy Enfield tends to play two big men at all times. That could make life difficult for star Evan Mobley against a well-coached Kansas team. I could certainly see Bill Self run circles around Enfield and walk out with a win. Both of these teams are tough defensively and rate similarly well in Kenpom’s defensive efficiency metrics (USC plays more zone to keep Mobley around the rim and embarrass anyone who goes near him), but USC has the size advantage. Kansas plays one big man above 6’10” (David McCormack) and only two players above 215 pounds. While Evan Mobley is not the bulkiest big out there (210 pounds), he is still seven feet tall with extreme skill and feel, while his brother Isaiah rests at 235 pounds. USC’s rebounding margin on the season is +6.8, nearly double Kansas’ (+3.7). That edge tilts the scales to USC’s favor, in my opinion. The first top-3 seed in my bracket goes down. USC to the Sweet 16. 

2 Iowa vs 7 Oregon: Oregon’s roster features just two players who tower over 6’8” in height. One has just played six games and has yet to play in the calendar year of 2021, while the other has only appeared in 15 games and last gotten double-digit minutes in a game since February 22nd against USC, a game in which the Ducks lost. While Oregon is a good shooting team (37.9% as a collective), Iowa’s 2-3 zone does a good job in masking star Luka Garza’s defensive deficiencies on the perimeter. Both teams have steady guard play, but one has Luka Garza, and the other doesn’t have much of an answer for him. I got Iowa to the Sweet 16.


1 Baylor vs 8 North Carolina: Baylor’s performance in the Big 12 tournament mystified me. Both Kansas State and Oklahoma State dictated the terms of those outings, with Kansas State dragging the game in the mud, while Oklahoma State pushed the pace. Maybe it’s nitpicking a team that went 22-2 on the year, but it still was not an impressive end to the regular season. North Carolina can do a little bit of both of what was stated above. Roy Williams teams always love to run, and as mentioned earlier in the matchup with Wisconsin, UNC has a big frontcourt to match the physicality of Baylor. To me, this game hinges on Baylor’s backcourt and their coach Scott Drew. I did not like what I saw from Baylor’s backcourt with both of these teams mentioned earlier controlling the game. Jared Butler is a future pro and is going to have to play like it. Caleb Love of North Carolina is one too, however, and North Carolina has guys to throw at Baylor’s experienced backcourt. Now, ask yourself this: do you trust a favored Scott Drew team to outcoach an underdog Roy Williams-led squad? Because I don’t, personally. I’m going with the upset here. It’s weird to call North Carolina beating Baylor an upset, but in this instance, it is (I think?). North Carolina to the Sweet 16. I told y’all I was feeling frisky!

4 Purdue vs 12 Winthrop: Purdue and Winthrop are both similar teams. Both like to spread teams out and play through their big man. If that’s the case, then I’ll take Purdue’s big man Trevion Williams to win that battle. I like Purdue to handle business here.

3 Arkansas vs 11 Utah State: The beauty of this Arkansas team is they can win in different styles. If they have to shoot their way out of a game, like I expect them to do against Colgate, they can do that. If a grit and grind affair is in the cards, they can do their best Memphis Grizzlies impersonation. I’d expect that to be the case against Utah State. Arkansas’ defense swarms and gets a bit more versatile when Jaylin Williams steps in at the center spot or they go small with Justin Smith at center. That versatility with enough offense from their guards and star freshman Moses Moody has me taking the Hogs to move on.

2 Ohio State vs 10 Virginia Tech: Likewise with the Purdue-Winthrop matchup, these two teams’ rosters match up fairly well. Ohio State’s deep and experienced backcourt led by CJ Walker and Duane Washington is tied for 11th in the nation in terms of turnovers per game. I think they seize control of this game and cease to let it go. I got the Buckeyes.


1 Illinois vs 8 Loyola Chicago: Remember how we talked about Cameron Krutwig? Well, Illinois is one of the few teams who have an answer for him in Kofi Cockburn. While Loyola Chicago has the number one rated defense in the nation according to KenPom, I’m not sure they have an answer for All-American Ayo Dosunmu and Illinois’ stacked backcourt. Illinois wins this intrastate affair.

4 Oklahoma State vs 5 Tennessee: This is going to be a fun one! Two potential top 5-10 draft picks squaring off between Cade Cunningham of Oklahoma State and Keon Johnson of Tennessee. Tennessee’s defense is fourth in KenPom’s metrics and can make life difficult for Cade Cunningham and crew, but with the emergence of Avery Anderson to go with Cunningham, I trust Oklahoma State to churn out enough buckets in crunch time to squeak out of this game with a victory. 

3 West Virginia vs 11 Syracuse: A good old-fashioned Big East rematch between a Big 12 and ACC teams. Sure, I guess it makes sense. As we mentioned earlier, West Virginia’s offense this year is one of the better offenses Bob Huggins has had in Morgantown (they rank 11th in KenPom’s metrics). I could see Jim Boeheim’s squad muck things up, but I think West Virginia’s shooting to go with their pesky defense gets them by into the Sweet 16.

2 Houston vs 10 Rutgers: Houston may be one of the more slept-on teams in the field. They’ve got the guards to match up with Rutgers’ backcourt. Their rebounding margin is +11.1, while Rutgers’ is -0.2. They’re balanced with a stud player in Quentin Grimes. I think they handle Rutgers with ease to get to the Sweet 16.


1 Michigan vs 8 LSU: As mentioned earlier, LSU’s offense is one of the more potent ones in the field. While Michigan is right below LSU in KenPom’s offensive efficiency metric, they are now down Isaiah Livers, a crucial piece to their success. Michigan’s defense is one of the best in the field as well, but without Livers’ versatility in a matchup where they will need it against LSU’s potent offense, I think this game could lend itself towards more of a shootout. Michigan big man Hunter Dickinson will have to assert himself, and he has the chance to do so with LSU playing one big man above 6’9” in Trendon Watford, but Watford can also stretch Dickinson out. LSU took down Arkansas in the SEC Tournament and nearly beat Alabama in the SEC Championship, clearly showing they can compete with the big boys. If Livers were playing, I’d take Michigan to win. Without him, I think this game skews towards LSU style, and think they have the talent advantage, led by Cameron Thomas, who is averaging over 22 points a game for the Tigers. I think Thomas proves the difference. LSU with the upset.

3 Texas vs 11 Michigan State / UCLA: Regardless of who wins this game, I like Texas to win. Texas’ backcourt of Matt Coleman, Andrew Jones, and Courtney Ramey along with their frontcourt featuring two potential first-round picks in Greg Brown and Kai Jones bring scoring and defensive versatility to whoever they play. I don’t think Michigan State nor UCLA have enough offensive firepower to get by Texas. I like Texas to go to the Sweet 16.

2 Alabama vs 7 UConn: Alabama’s defense ranks third in KenPom’s defensive metric. They are more than just a run-and-gun three-point shooting team; they can stop people too. My concern is what happens when their threes aren’t falling. UConn is a good defensive team too; they rank 25th in KenPom’s defensive efficiency metric. Alabama is not a great three-point shooting percentage-wise either (35.1%, tied for 115th in the country), but they lead the country in three-point attempts by a mile (912 three-point attempts, 95 more than second place). If those threes aren’t falling, how else can Alabama gain separation? I’m not sure with how heavily they emphasize the three-ball (47% of their attempts are from three). If this game is close, UConn’s got a killer in James Bouknight capable of sealing the deal. I think their defense can limit how lethal Alabama shoots from deep and keep this in range for Bouknight to close. I like UConn pulling off the upset.



1 Gonzaga vs 13 Ohio: Sorry Ohio, but the run ends here. Gonzaga big.

2 Iowa vs 6 USC: I picked Iowa over Oregon because they don’t have anyone to defend Luka Garza. Fortunately for USC, they’ve got probably the best defensive big man in all of college basketball in Evan Mobley and his brother Isaiah to throw at Garza and not extend their defense so much to create open threes for Garza’s teammates. If the Mobleys can hang with Garza 1v1, which I expect them to do, they can limit Iowa’s offense from detonating. Put Evan Mobley in the middle of Iowa’s 2-3 zone and he can rip it apart. I hate this matchup for Iowa. Evan Mobley is that much of a nightmare for opponents. We’re going with the Trojans here.


4 Purdue vs 8 North Carolina: North Carolina has plenty of bodies to throw at Trevion Williams. North Carolina likely has the talent advantage. Purdue has the edge in terms of shooting from deep, but barely. Quite frankly, I’m not sure why the heck I have Purdue winning. Maybe it’s this: they’re super tough and well-coached. You have to earn everything going up against Purdue. They always seem to make more out of less. I think they muck this game up and give Williams the chance to take them home. If that happens, then I like Purdue to advance.

2 Ohio State vs 3 Arkansas: I really want to pick Arkansas. I really do. But if I’m going to be objective here, Arkansas’ guard play has been volatile at times this season. I like Ohio State’s backcourt to be more steady. Both teams can play big or small. This is going to be a very fun matchup. Moses Moody needs to have a big game and Arkansas needs to run the offense through him to win this matchup. While certainly possible, I think Ohio State’s experience and calm wins through in this one. You hate to see it.


1 Illinois vs 4 Oklahoma State: What another fun matchup. This game would go back and forth. Both teams have tough defenses and All-Americans that run their show. So, who has the edge? Well, Illinois only plays two players not named Kofi Cockburn above 6’8”. Cade Cunningham sits at 6’8” 220 pounds. Oklahoma State has plenty of guys to throw at Ayo Dosumnu and Illinois’ litany of guards. Cunningham likely will have a size advantage and is a great enough playmaker to set up his teammates if Illinois sends help his direction. I think Cunningham presents a problem Illinois is not equipped to handle properly. I like Oklahoma State to keep on rolling.

2 Houston vs 3 West Virginia: If there’s one team that can match West Virginia’s tenacity, it’d be Houston. They’re tough and boast both a top 8 offense and top 15 defense according to Kenpom. I think that balance holds true and gets Houston past West Virginia into the Elite 8.


4 Florida State vs 8 LSU: Unlike Michigan in the aftermath of Isaiah Livers’ injury, I believe Florida State matches up with LSU much better defensively. Leonard Hamilton always goes 9-10 deep and has big, long, switchy wings in Scottie Barnes and RaiQuan Gray. Add to it an experienced backcourt led by MJ Walker and Anthony Polite and I think Florida State has enough to slow LSU down and get buckets on the other end. Florida State back to the Elite 8.

3 Texas vs 7 UConn: I think this is where the James Bouknight show ends. Texas has too many guys to throw at him. UConn is going to need someone else to step up, but I’m not sure they have the horses to keep up. With a diversified offensive attack, I like Texas to get to the Elite 8.



1 Gonzaga vs 6 USC: Remember how I said Andy Enfield likes to play two big men at the same time? Well, I think here is when it comes back to bite him. Evan Mobley is great, but Gonzaga actually has players who actually stand a chance of guarding and is as sound as they come defensively. They also have firepower all across the board on offense. USC is going to need a monster of a game from Mobley to keep up. Though capable, I don’t see it happening against *this* team. Gonzaga is the first to the Final Four.


2 Ohio State vs 4 Purdue: These teams have met each other three times already this season. Purdue won two of those matchups, though, through those three games, these two have scored the same amount of points against each other. Ohio State won the final matchup in the Big 10 Tournament in Overtime. Trevion Williams has been a thorn in Ohio State’s side this season, going for at least 16 points and seven rebounds in all three matchups, but in their last game, they managed to slow him down late in the ballgame despite losing Kyle Young midway. I think they find a way to pull this one off as well in what will likely be another nail-biter between these two.


2 Houston vs 4 Oklahoma State: Houston is super solid. They can make life difficult for Cade Cunningham and have pieces to match up with him. Oklahoma State’s defense is no slouch either, however. I think they keep this close enough for Cade to take over late like he’s done time and time again this season. I got the Cowboys yet again.


3 Texas vs 4 Florida State: These two teams couldn’t be more similar. Both are super long and versatile. I like Texas’ frontcourt versatility a bit more in this matchup. If Texas’ backcourt can gain control of this game, which I’d expect it to, then they can hold off a frisky Florida State bunch. I like Shaka Smart and crew to get back to the Final Four.


1 Gonzaga vs 3 Texas: Texas is deep and versatile, but does not excel at one particular thing. While that versatility helped them get through the gauntlet of the region they were placed in, that does not bode well for a super-stacked Gonzaga team that is as versatile as anyone in the tournament. I think Jalen Suggs, Andrew Nembhard, and Gonzaga’s backcourt outplay Texas and get to the National Championship game.

2 Ohio State vs 4 Oklahoma State: I’ve ridden Oklahoma State and Cade Cunningham this long, and I’m not stopping now. Ohio State is a very strong and steady team, but they don’t have anything near Cunningham’s upside and star power. Again, Oklahoma State isn’t just Cunningham and has a stout defense in their own right. I expect them to keep this close again, and if it’s close, I trust Cunningham to seal the deal. Cowboys again!


1 Gonzaga vs 4 Oklahoma State: I love what this Oklahoma State team has done all season. I fully believe in Cade Cunningham as a player and think his cast has rallied around him and improved all year long. However, I’ve felt all year long that Gonzaga is the best, most complete team. Only one team has completed a season undefeated in the men’s game, that being Indiana in 1976. That Gonzaga is able to answer every problem thrown at them has me thinking they become the second. Gonzaga goes undefeated and becomes the 2021 National Champions!

So, there you have it! A lot of upsets and an undefeated National Champion. I’ve won my bracket group twice in a row and hope this becomes my third. More likely, however, this will be a dumpster filled with failure and sadness. But regardless, I know I’ll be watching the hoops. Welcome back March Madness!

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