About Us

What is Brainiac Sports?

Brainiac Sports is a place where the biggest brainiacs take a deep dive into the world of sports. From casual fans to die-hard superfans, there is something for everyone on Brainiac Sports.

Our goal is to create a platform where our users are educated and informed about sports as well as keeping the reader entertained using multiple types of mediums like podcasts and blog posts.

We hope to be an escape from the real world. Our goal is to be interactive with our users! We have a submission box for people to submit questions for the Brainiac Sports team to discuss and analyze. We cover a vast variety of sports from football to mixed martial arts to basketball to baseball and everything in between.

Follow us on Twitter @BrainiacSports or email us at BrainiacSp[email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions! 

Our Team

Michael Potts – (@mikepotts22)

I am the creator and founder of Brainiac Sports. I have loved sports intensely since I was a young child and have been following many different leagues for many years. I was born in Poughkeepsie, New York. Although I was born in New York, I have strong family ties to Boston and that is where my sports fandom allegiance is. I like to think of myself as someone who was born behind enemy lines.

I am currently attending the University of Arkansas for a bachelor’s degree in Communication, and a minor in Journalism. The only thing I love more than sports are my family and my beautiful girlfriend who are the real MVPs for encouraging me to follow my dreams and accepting my sports addiction. I have been into sports my entire life and wanted to take the jump from die-hard fan to a writer who can help fans be as passionate about sports as I am.

Shervon Fakhimi – (@ShervonFakhimi)

I am a sports writer/podcaster for Brainiac Sports. I was born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I fell in love with sports through the Los Angeles Lakers, Green Bay Packers and the local University of Arkansas Razorbacks, where I graduated from in 2019. I see myself as the Padawan to the almighty and all-knowing Larry David.’ @ShervonFakhimi 

Brody Hill – (@BrodyHill80)

I create all the audio clips used on Brainiac Sports Podcast. My relationship with Michael Potts started at Bentonville High School and continued into being roommates at the University of Arkansas. Being from Northwest Arkansas, I am a diehard Arkansas Razorbacks fan. I enjoy watching almost all of the Razorback sports from football to track. I competed in cross country and rugby and enjoy making music in my free time. I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2019 and currently work at J.B. Hunt.